Tour in Athens and Delphi - 7 nights


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1 Day / Athens
  Arrival to the airport of Athens. Transfer to the hotel.
2 Day / Athens
  Visit of the temples of The Acropolis that have ancient history of 2500 years.Go to the Propylaea, a monumental gateway that serves as the entrance to theAcropolis. See the Parthenon, a temple in the Athenian Acropolis,in honor of the Greekgoddess Athena, whom the people of Athens considered her as their protector. See the temple of Athena Nikeand the museum of small art treasures. Go through the temple of Olympian Zeus, a colossalruined templewhich is suituated in the centre of the Greek capital that was dedicated to Zeus- king of the Olympian Gods.
3 Day / Athens
  This Tour will show you the big diferrence between the capital of ancient Greece and the modern cosmopolitan city.See the Arch of Hadrian, a monumental gateway resembling a Roman triumphal arch. Visit of The HellenicParliament with the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier overlooking Syntagma Square . Enjoy the modern cityof Athens.You will see The Presidential Mansion. This is the official residence of the President. Before some years this was used as the Royal Palace. Visit of the Olympic Stadium that is famous with The Olympic games.
4 Day / ATHENS - NAUFPLIO (150km./2h) - OLYMPIA (200km./3h.30min.)
  Departure to the Corinth Canal that separates Greek Mainland and the Peloponnesian peninsula.Visit of the architectural work of Perseus that was built with the help of the Cyclops.The ruins are unique and spectacular.After that you will go insuide of the acropolis and you will see the famous tomb of Agamemnon.After his return of the Trojan War, his wife Klytemenestra and her lover killed Agamememnon.You will have the oportunity to see the mountain are that travelling to the blue sea. After that visit of the Epidaurus Theatre and the amphitheatre that was built 2500 years ago.During the annual Hellenic Festival Epidaurus becomesone of the major cultural venues in Greece. Visit the Sanctuary of Aesculapius, the god of medicine.Arrivalin Olympia.
5 Day / OLYMPIA - DELPHI (240km./4h.)
  Visit of the archaelogical site of Olympia that is known forhaving been the site of the Olympic Games in classical times.The Olympic Games presents world peace and unification of the people throughout Greece. See the Fitness Centre and the Palestra, the arena that was thewrestling school in ancient Greece. Continue to the Leonidaion and then to the workshop ofPhidias, who was the sculptor of the giant statue of Zeus. Visit of the statue of Zeus and the Olympic Stadium. Departure to Delphi.
6 Day / DELPHI - KALAMBAKA (300km./4h.30min.)
  Admire an incredibly impressive panoramic terrace, that is surrounded by the olive trees that reach thesea. In ancient times Delphi was considered as the centre of the known world, the place where heaven andearth met. This was the place on the Earth where man was closest to the God. In Mythology, Delphi was themeeting place of two eagles.Delphi was famous with his oracle and the prophecies of the fortune-teller. See theBoulepterion, the column and the Sphinx of Naxos, its theatre and its stage. Continue to the famous Templeof Apollo and the Temple of AthenaPronea and its famous Tholos. Departure to Kalambaka.
7 Day / KALAMBAKA - ATHENS (430km./5h.)
  Explore the monasteries in Meteora, that were suituated on the top of rocky mountains. They areamong the most striking sights in Greece. The name of Meteora means in Greek "suspended in the air," whichperfectly describes these six remarkable Greek Orthodox monasteries.They were built in this high places for defense.They are inhabited bymonks or nuns who pray as well as paint religious icons.Monast;eries has strictly dresscode. It is necessary to avoid immodest clothing.Monasteries are Saint Nikolas or Russanu Moni, Saint Barbara, Moni Barlaam, or the GreatMeteoro Metamorphoseon, St. Triada and St. Stefanos . Departure to Athens.
8 Day
  Transfer to the airport.


  • 7 nights
  • 7 breakfasts
  • transport;
  • English speaking guide;
  • parking fees
  • entrance fees round ticket for all municipality museums;
  • personal expenses.

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