Rights of the Tourist

Basic rights of the tourist when using a tourist package


The following rights apply to you if you have signed or are using a Package Travel Contract (s) within the meaning of EU Directive 2015/2302 and the Tourism Act.

For this reason, you will benefit from all EU-guaranteed rights that apply to travel packages. When acting as your tour operator, ODANS TRAVEL OOD bears full responsibility for the accurate execution of the package as a whole.

In accordance with the legal requirements, ODANS TRAVEL LTD has taken the necessary protective measures to recover your payments and if the travel package includes transport - to ensure your repatriation * in case of bankruptcy.

More detailed information on fundamental rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302 can be found at the following Internet address: http://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/BG/TXT/?uri=CELEX%3A32015L2302 or on the website of the Ministry of Tourism - http://www.tourism.government.bg/

* repatriation - definition according to EU2015 / 2302 Article 3, point 16 - means the return of the traveler to the place of departure

What are your fundamental rights under Directive (EU) 2015/2302:

Get all the basic information about the trip before signing the Package Package Agreement.

There is always at least one tour operator who is responsible for the accurate execution of all the tourist services included in the contract.

Traveler is provided with an emergency telephone number tel 00359877638788 or contact point details (via which you can contact the tour operator or the travel agent) - group tour guides and / or local representative for individual the trips specified in the travel and / or voucher program.

Travelers can transfer the package to another person after notice within a reasonable time and possibly pay extra costs.

The price of a tourist package may only be increased if specific costs (eg fuel prices) increase, if expressly provided for in the contract, and in any case no later than 20 days before the start of the package. When the price increase exceeds 8 percent of the package price, the traveler may:

terminate the contract. When the Tour Operator reserves the right to increase the price, the passenger is entitled to a discount if there is a reduction in the respective costs.

Travelers can terminate the contract without paying a contract termination fee and receive a full refund of all payments in case of a substantial change to one of the basic elements of the package other than the price. When the tour operator cancels the tourist package before commencement of the tourist package, the tourists are entitled to receive the sums paid on their behalf and, if appropriate, the corresponding compensation.

Before commencing the travel package, travelers may terminate the contract without paying a contract termination fee in the event of extraordinary circumstances, such as serious security issues at the destination that could affect the package.

Travelers can terminate the contract at any time prior to the start of the package package, against an appropriate and reasonable fee for termination of the contract.


Where, after the start of the implementation of the package, substantial elements of it can not be provided as agreed, suitable alternative services must be offered to the traveler at no additional cost. Travelers can terminate the contract without paying a fee for termination when services are not provided in accordance with the contract and this substantially affects the execution of the package and the tour operator has not remedied the problem.

Travelers are also entitled to a reduction in the price and / or compensation for damages suffered if travel services are not provided or are poorly provided.

The tour operator must provide assistance if the traveler is in difficulty.

When the tour operator goes bankrupt, the payments made will be refunded. When the tour operator or travel agent goes bankrupt after the start of the package and the transport package is included, the repatriation of the passengers is ensured. "ODANS TRAVEL" has bankruptcy protection at the Euroins Insurance Company, Sofia 1592, 43 Hristoforum Blvd., tel .: 0700 17 241, fax: 02/4895 526, e-mail: office @ euroins.bg.

Travelers can refer to the Euroins Insurance Broker or, where applicable, to Euroins

The Commission for Consumer Protection, address: Sofia 1000, Slaveykov Square 4A, 3rd floor, 4 and 6, tel .: 02/9330565, e-mail: info@kzp.bg if the performance of the services was denied due to the insolvency of "ODANS TRAVEL".

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